Frequently asked questions

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Where do I start?

Start with something that you’ll be able to keep doing. That way, you’re more likely to succeed (and who doesn’t love to succeed?). A good place to start is with cutting out the ‘Big 4’ polluting plastics; straws, plastic water bottles, takeaway coffee cups and plastic bags. Try keeping a reusable water bottle in your bag and using the tap to fill up.

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But what about picking up dog poo? And lining my bin?

For nearly every plastic problem, there is a reusable alternative or compostable solution! Depending on the size of your bin, you could try lining it with newspaper. Or, you can pick up compostable (not degradable!) bags at most supermarkets in a variety of sizes. These are made of organic materials and break down, rather than leaving behind microplastics like regular bags.

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Can you really quit plastic?

Yes! But, also no. And that’s not a bad thing. Plastic has completely changed our world in the past 60 years, making food storage more hygienic, making transport more efficient and revolutionising health care and medical devices. But, in our everyday lives, we use a lot of plastic that we just don’t need. This is the kind of plastic you can quit and improve your health and the health of the environment along the way.